Frequently asked questions


How does Mesydel work?

As a paid web-based software, Mesydel is only accessible online. It is a standalone software that provides the features you need to implement your Delphi survey, including :

  • Survey Management
    • Contacts management
    • Questionaire(s) management
    • Notifications management
  • Survey analysis
    • Automated tools for descriptive statitics
    • Qualitative tagging system based on grounded theory

All Mesydel data are stored and accessible online. Survey managers can access its interface with a login (an e-mail address) and a password.

How can I use Mesydel?

Depending on your expertise and on your needs, Mesydel offers three types of services :

  • Access-only services: you are a researcher or a student, have expertise in Delphi surveys or in other online survey methods and you are looking for a tool to implement your survey.
  • Partnership: you want to conduct your own survey but you need some support for specific tasks (ranging from product-training to analysis support).
  • Full project : define your needs, we will take in charge of the whole design and conduct of your project.

The access-only service

Who can use the access-only service?

The access-only service is targeted to researchers and students that already have knowledge on the Delphi method or on other online survey methods.

How is my fee to access Mesydel calculated?

Your Mesydel access fee is calculated on a flat-rate basis considering the number of respondents, the number of rounds, the number of languages and the number of survey analysts.

Do you provide any academic discounts to students or non-profits?

The price we provide is already a discount for academic purposes. This price and the software-only package for Mesydel are specific to research.

If I need to add extra respondents, how can I do that and how much would you charge?

In general, we prefer that researchers set a number of respondents beforehand. However, Mesydel is flexible and can allow extra respondents to a survey. The price per respondents for extra respondents is however higher than for original respondents.

Is there any time limit for how long I can run the survey or access my data?

All surveys are usually opened for 8 months. Extensions can be negotiated on demand. In addition, Mesydel allows you to extract data either on .pdf or .xls format.

Do you provide survey design, survey management, and product training services? If so, what are the costs?

We provide logistical, methodological and analytical services, depending on your needs. We also provide product training, either on-site or virtually. While the access costs are based on a flat-rate basis, services costs are calculated per effective working days. These are determined beforehand.

Can you license your software to Universities where there are multiple Delphi surveys each year?

We currently do not license Mesydel on an annual basis. We mostly work with universities on a survey-basis but we are open to offering a discount when multiple surveys are requested.


For my project, I want to analyse my data but I have no experience in drafting a survey design. Is a partnership for me?

Yes, of course ! The Mesydel team will be happy to provide you support in drafting your survey. Such services are determined based on a description of your need.

Other services that can be provided are:

  • Mesydel trainings
  • Logistical support and survey management
  • Methodological support and survey design
  • Analytical support and survey analysis

Full project

I have a consultation project but I have no time to conduct it, can Mesydel do it for me?

Sure ! Contact us at to present us the context and the objectives of your project. We can also set up a phone meeting to discuss your needs. Once we have understood what you need, we will draft your project and send you an offer.

Functioning of the platform

What question types can I use for my survey?

Mesydel proposes four types of question: open-ended questions, simple-choice questions (one choice among several options), multiple-choice question (multiple choices among multiple options), and numerical questions (figures only).

Can I define any page branching or question/choice hiding logic?

Mesydel offers the possibility to create conditional questions, which appear or not based on previous answers or specific characteristics.

Can I add new or remove old questions in new survey rounds?

Within the Mesydel interface, each survey round is distinct. Questions from one round to another can be similar or totally different, depending on the purposes of your research.

Can I send out email notifications (e.g. Invitations, reminders, thank you emails) without me having to manually specify the recipients based on their progress?

Yes. Mesydel offer the possibility, among others, to send e-mail to participants that have less than 65% of answered questions.

Can I change the survey participants from round to round? Or they must be the same for all rounds?

As Mesydel is implementing features of the Delphi method, we consider that it is preferable to keep the same participants from one round to another.

Mesydel allows however a flexible use of your panel. You can invite a part on the panel for the first round and then the whole panel for subsequent rounds. You can also use some features of Mesydel allows preventing participants from a previous round to take part to a subsequent round, based on specific criteria.

How can I analysis data in Mesydel?

Mesydel comes with several built-in analytical tools. Closed-ended questions are automatically analyzed through charts and descriptive statistical information. Open-ended questions can be manually analyzed thanks a tagging system based on grounded theory / thematic analysis techniques.


What are the security processes in place for survey access and survey data security?

The access to Mesydel surveys is offered to participants via e-mail, thanks to a personal authentication link. It is also possible to set up a double authentication, using both e-mail and SMS, with additional costs.

Data are stored, duplicated and archived on several severs of the University of Liege, Belgium. The platform is maintained on a daily basis and follows strict security rules.


Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email to let us know about your project.