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Software and services to conduct online participatory consultations

Mesydel offers an online tool and a scientific expertise to best answer your participation and collaboration needs.

Establish a diagnosis

Do you have a complex situation to analyze, one that involve many actors or stakeholders? Mesydel is a powerful tool that brings together diverse points of view to co-construct a rigorous and inclusive diagnosis of the situation at hand.

Build a shared vision

Do you want to develop your firm strategy or create a shared vision from a plurality of opinions? With Mesydel you can construct progressively a consensus. Our method is recognized for being adapted to controversial situations.

Anticipate a trend

Do you need to identify a promising new market, understand competitor’s choices or carry out a prospective exercise? Mesydel is also a decision-making tool used to better anticipate the evolution of your sector in a world in constant change.


Mesydel is accessible through a web browser.


Mesydel offers methodological and analytical support services.

Why us ?


The Mesydel interface is user-friendly and ergonomic for quick handling.


Our software is available in several languages simultaneously, allowing participants to answer in the language of their choice.

Participation rate

Mesydel allows a much higher participation rate than the traditional consultation methods, thanks to its simplicity of access and its flexibility.


Our team has developed its software and services thanks to 10 years experience at the University of Liège (Belgium).


Mesydel is at the forefront in terms of data security and interactions.

Delphi Method

Delphi Method is an iterative method that has proven itself in the creation of consensus and the diagnosis of complex situations.

Rounds of online questionnaires

The consultations are carried out in several rounds allowing a real interaction with and among participants.

Freedom of speech

Anonymity reinforces freedom of speech by limiting the effects of power and domination from physical interactions.


« The large participation of the sectorial professionals that were interviewed in this context allowed a very constructive result on the basis of which proposals of evolutions will be made. »

Véronique Leroy
Directrice a.i. du service de la Lecture publique

« This software enabled the analysis and integration of opinions and inputs of this wide range of actors systematically and methodologically, thus providing a clear picture of the current state of the seveso - external emergency planning and key future work areas. »

Pieter Wynant
International Relations at Ministry of Home Affairs

« We achieved our goals through Mesydel, which provided the tool to collect expert assessments on more than 200 questions. Both the tool and the team allowed a smooth and efficient process, allowing us to focus on the background of the project. »


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Our team

Martin Erpicum

Martin Erpicum


Robin Crunenberg

Robin Crunenberg

Business Development Manager

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Maxime Petit Jean

Scientific Advisor

Mylène Rivière

Mylène Rivière

Scientific Advisor

Catherine Fallon

Catherine Fallon

Scientific Promotor

Pierre Delvenne

Pierre Delvenne

Scientific Promotor

Agnès Giner Lloret

Agnès Giner Lloret

Legal Advisor

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